Englisch LK - Frau Reimerdes

The English-LK-Report

According to H.G. Wells Time Machine, the main protagonist lands in a world where a society exists that is characterized by two species: the Eloi who live on the surface of the earth and who suffer from the terror of the Morlocks who inhabit the underground.
The Eloi are smart, intelligent and beautiful human beings who are very interested in cultural and social affairs whereas the Morlocks are hunters who kill without any mercy. The problem is that the Eloi are their single prey because they are not able to defend themselves. The Eloi are interested in arts, music and sports as we are, the pupils of the K-H-S. On the other hand the Morlocks are quite nasty and brutal but skilled predators which one could claim teachers to be as well. During the course of evolution the Eloi-students were not able to develop as strongly as the overbearing Morlock-teachers did. However, they had to endure long and seemingly never ending hardships, in which they learned from the more experienced oppressors. Finally they reached the skill and the strength to revolt in order to fight down the Morlocks' reign in a final battle, today known as the Struggle for the Abitur at H├╝holz Hill. This process was perfected and taken to an end when someone by the name of A. Reimerdes became a constant in the young Elois' lives. Her encouraging spirit protected us, "The Chosen", from various dangers and life-threatening situations such as the Abitur exams.
Waiting in our preparation-camp for the final battle at the edge of doom, she led our self-assessment-training in order to increase our literary fighting skills. Prepared like this, we had hardly any problems in our Abitur-fight. So in the end we are optimistic about having destroyed the evil plan of the Morlocks and having succeeded in gaining our well-earned freedom. In our case we proved that not "all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players"(William Shakespeare) but that there is light at the end of the tunnel and nobody has to play a predestined role as long as he does not want to!!!

Thanks a lot for all you have done for us, Mrs Reimerdes, and let us hope that following classes will experience the same!

Anne Neumann und Sebastian Fuchs